Horizontal Blinds

Elite Windows Fashions™ brings you a wide variety of 1” and 2” horizontal blinds that will give your windows that traditional elegant look. Elite Windows Fashions™ horizontal blinds are adjustable, providing the correct amount of sunlight. Alongside giving control over the amount of sunlight, horizontal blinds are also able to provide the secured level of privacy that every individual needs.

Our Colonial Fauxwood Blinds offer the highest quality of wood composite with an unmatched durability. They can be used in your kitchens and bathrooms without ever fading, warping, peeling or chipping away. Harvest Wood™ Blinds on the other hand, add an in-depth sense of richness and profoundness to any room in which they are installed. Our Harvest Wood™ Blinds are crafted with a collection of 100% hand-selected kiln dried North American bass hardwood.

Our collection of 2” Vinyl Blinds are able to enhance any room’s décor with their beautiful engraved styles and texture. Vinyl blinds are easy to clean and provide a high level of resistance against sunlight so you can be sure about the long lasting durability of these aesthetically pleasing window coverings. With our Silkwood™, Eurowood™ and Reverie, you enjoy the highest quality of horizontal window blinds that will not crack, peel or warp. Their elegant appearance is 100% UV resistant and therefore the sun is not able to harm or damage the aura of these blinds, leaving your room with an everlastingly beautiful look.

Our collection of 1” and 2” Aluminum blinds are a classic that never go out of style. Featuring over 100 colours in, gloss, matte, jewel tones and perforated finished, aluminum horizontal blinds are a versatile choice for any home or office décor.

With over 100 different colours and materials available, Elite Windows Fashions™ Horizontal Blinds are classical, functional and most importantly, fashionable with a style that will never go out. We have been offering dozens of unique, diverse and highest quality window treatment products to Canadians for over 40 years.

Source: http://www.elitewf.com/horizontal-blinds